I have heard about MNI from my friends. I took up CCNA to understand networking as it would help me in the current job as well as for different roles in ModMC. I have always heard about Mohan Sir\'s teaching methods and I am glad that I decided to take up the course. The way the topics were taught by Mohan sir in a best explanation manner. His classes were so interesting . The entire team of MNI had been very friendly. Queries were answered immediately and they were always ready to help. I would like to Thank Mohan Sir , Vijayalakshmi madam & his team for the quick response for any queries. Suppose if i missed out one class team would have helped me to re-attend the same class it helped me a lot .I am sure with the help of the team of MNI my career has been in a greater heights. I always be grateful to Mohan sir and MNI team .


After I passed out from graduation in electronics and communication background I felt more interested towards networking domain and while I was checking good institute most of my friends referred MNI. I decided to persue my CCNA course in MNI. I like the way of teaching here not only explaining it in theoretical comparing it with real time example was the best thing that makes me understand the concept quickly and to remember it forever. For lab practice and all I got nice support from team members flexible in any time to support. The knowledge I gained help me getting placed in good MNI company as a fresher and also it\'s helping me to build my career and achieve my goal.

-Ravichandran C N

I got to know about MNI from one of my friends. I took up CCNA at MNI to learn about networking. I proudly say that MNI provided me a very good foundation, which is very important to build any empire. Mohan\'s classes was always interesting with lots of real life examples which made me understand the concepts better and also it helped to remember them for long. Lab assistants were very calm and friendly and also guided me well during my lab sessions. I would like to thank MNI which has helped me to start traveling towards my goals.


It gives me immense pleasure to talk about Mohanís Networking Institute. As any body who joins the institute will have an excellent learning opportunity Mohan Sirís Networking Fundamentals are too good with immense gratitude. I thank everyone from MNI for there willingness share knowledge on networking Concepts.

-Sunil Kumar A

I came to know about MNI through my friend. I took CCNA course to gain knowledge in routing & switching. It was great experience in MNI, Mohan sir taught the topics very well So it helped me to get a job and the entire team was very supportive in lab also. I would like to thank Mohan sir and the entire staff to gain the knowledge in networking and to achieve the goal


Everyone has a dream of being good or expert in something. I wanted to be Network Engineer and had that dream since I finished my graduation in March-2018. Mohan\\'s sir classes and MNI lab practice sessions are memorable. Mohan sir is awesome in explaining things with real life examples.Vijaylakshmi madam in inspiring and staff persons in MNI like family members. Now I am starting my new carrier in Open Text as NOC monitoring specialist. Am CCNA R&S certified and worked with Fidelity information services and First American as network engineer.

-Padmasagar Naganoor

Exam process : We can take CCNA exam sitting at HOME, No hassle of travel, no need of taking risk of going to testing center to achieve your dream. All you need ... 1. A stable internet connection. 2.windows 8 or above os installed laptop. 3.Once registration is done for the exam ,they will check your laptop for the required specification are available or not. 4.We can choose a slot convenient for us to take the TEST. 5. login 30 minute before the chosen slot for the Test. 6.We need to Register our phone number to which a link will be sent. 7.Click the link and type a specific code that given by Pearson VUE. 8.Upload your selfie photo and left, right, front, back side where the laptop is placed. 9.They verify the pictures that we uploaded and give a code to type in our laptop. 10.Ensure the laptop is placed on a clear Table . 11.Once we type the code a Pearson vue application will be installed in our laptop. 12. Then the proctor will attempt to reach us over chat. Then we need to show our laptop place area to the proctor using our laptop camera. After the completion of the verification process exam will start. 13.We need to select quite and private place for the examination.

-Amal Rajeev T R

I came to know about Mohan\\'s Networking Institute through my college Professor. The Training was excellent with good interaction with Founder and Trainer Mr.Mohan.The Knowledge sharing was very good and well incorporated with practical labs on the real-time devices Routers,switches,firewall and access points. The support staff are very informative during the labs .They gave repeat classes and unlimited lab access . Mohan Sir is enthusiastic and really aware of what he is explaining. The course helped me to build confidence, Valuable experiences and learning. Though MNI don\\'t promise Placements when I enquired for course but I understand that their placement are very good and I got a job by completing just the CCNA course from MNI. Mohan sir is one of the best Trainer in computer Networking field. Thank you so much MNI for giving such a quality experience.

-Abhishek A

MOHANS NETWORKING INSTITUTE. Earlier I did not know much about this institution. I was searching for a Networking Institute which was neither very hyped, nor overcrowded with students. It will take individual care in student\\\\\'s queries and progress. I came across this particular Institution Via internet. I got convinced looking at the website. When our class started I was totally fascinated by Mohan Sirís teaching. He gets into minute detailing of each and every topic and makes sure that all of his student are in the same page in terms of concept. Referral study is really not necessary if one remain attentive throughout his class. A big thanks to MNI Lab Instructors as well. They work tirelessly in providing guidance to studentís queries and doubts. Students are even allowed to attend the lab any time post the course completion. KUDOS to Mohan Sir and Team!!!

-Sayantan Hansa

I have completed my CCNP R&S training and itís all thanks to Mohan\'s Networking Institute. Mohan Sir\'s way of teaching is very good, with the real time examples he gives for every concept helps me understand the concepts in depth. They provide unlimited access for the lab, provide individual Routers and Switches for each student for practice and they have very helpful lab assistants. Special thanks to Bhagyanath Sir(Mohan\'s Staff) for being available for me all the time to clear my doubts. I have really learned a lot so far and had a great experience in MNI. MNI is the best place to build a career in networking. It was really a very pleasant journey. Thank you so much MNI for such a friendly environment.

-Manoj G

It has been a wonderful experience for me to get certified in CCNA & CCNP from Mohan\'s Networking Institute. The guidance provided here is very much helpful and the facilities are also very good. Every member of the faculty team is cooperative and gives individual attention when required. I have received some valuable inputs from them because of which I could get certified. I would recommend Mohan\'s Networking Institute to anyone who aspires to get certified without any second thoughts.

-Vinu Isaac K P

ďThis initiative of online classes and sharing screenshots of subjects we learnt is really excellent.. Appreciate Mohanís institute teams efforts in helping students learn the course effectively. Commitment of your team just shows we are investing our time and money in the right place to learn what we are looking for. Thank you and keep up the good work .Ē


Thank you so much for the recorded class. Mohan Sir is explaining very slow. Am getting corrected once again where I understood wrong. Understanding the basics from basics. Thank u very much for the strive you are doing us to keep us learning. Thank you mam, thank you sir and thank you MNI team


Accidentally I came across Mohan\'s Networking Institute when I decided to do CCNA certification, and now it turned out to be one of the best decisions . Mohan sir\'s agenda is not only to prepare us for the exam , but to give thorough understanding of the concept behind each topic . He never minds to give extra knowledge on all topics apart from what is there on the syllabus. And one of the best thing is real-time practical labs on each topics. Even during this pandemic situation , he ensures that his students gets the best . And Bhagyanath sir , who never hesitates to clear doubts and support during labs. Thanks to MNI team for helping me clear the exam in short span of time.

-Renya Prasad

Hello Everyone, (Cleared CCNA R&S 200-301 in 1st Attempt) During my college, I was fascinated towards Data Networking field, but during studying books, every topic ends with some doubts, (i hate bookish Language) , which was never cleared in college time . I was in search of someone at Bengaluru, who can explain Networking practically rather than bookish Language. Then my friend suggested to Join MNI . After Joining MNI, I found that my friend was correct, the place is exactly what I want . Mohan Sir , Personally takes the class, & his emphasis is more towards Explaining Practically. He always ready to clear your Doubt. Also, Lab is available there to do practice on real time devices to configure & troubleshooting. Coz of Convid19 Pandemic, My batch was Online, but I never feel any inconvenience in that. Also, I\'d done Lab sitting at my Home, Since Bhaggu Sir gave us the access of Lab via Remote Login . At last I want thank whole MNI team for their support & being there in Bengaluru for helping the aspirants of Networking.

-Pranjal Sharma.

I came to know about CCNA training through my friend and he referred me to get the training from Mohans Networking Institute. While teaching Mohan sir would give real life examples so that we can remember the topics easily. The teaching staff is one call away if you have any doubts. I would like thank Mohan sir, Vijaylaxmi madam and Bhagyanadh sir and other teaching staff for the awsome CCNA training. I highly recommend students to begin their networking journey with Mohans Networking Institute and become successful in career.

-Ashish Shanbhag

Everyone has a dream of being good or expert in some thing. I wanted to be NETWORK ENGINEER and same dream made me to search that is how I found the best Institute in Bangalore that is MOHAN\'S NETWORKING INSTITUTE. I have done 45 days course there and I got placed in NTT INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. And I should be thankful to Mohan Sir and Vijayalaxmi Mam and Bhagyanandan Sir and Sridhar Sir . without their help and motivation I wouldn\'t have achieved this.

-Raghavendra Y Chigadolli

Name : Rupa Subramanian DOJ MNI : August 2021 Company : VMware I have heard about MNI from my friends. I took up CCNA to understand networking as it would help me in the current job as well as for different roles in VMware. I have always heard about Mohan Sir\'s teaching methods and I am glad that I decided to take up the course. The way the topics were taught, were so easy to understand and Mohan Sir always showed the concepts in lab instead of just teaching theoretically. His love for Networking and his enthusiasm is seen clearly in the way he conducts the classes. His classes were not only informative but also fun. The entire team of MNI had been very friendly and approachable. Queries were answered immediately and they were always ready to help. I would like to Thank Mohan Sir and his team for the awesome work and helping us learn. I am sure with the help of the knowledge I gained from MNI, I would be able to achieve my goal.

-Rupa Subramanian

I have done CCNA in MNI. I came to know about MNI by my boss.The founder and trainer of MNI, Mr.Mohan Sir\'s teaching is really excellent.He delivers every topic with real time examples.So that only his class was enjoyable with informative. The lab sessions we did with realtime routers, switches. They offers to repeat the classes as well as labs until Cisco changes the syllabus. The supportive staff also very informative and very helpful to do the lab sessions. They clarify each doubts without any discomfort. Even though they did not give any promise for placements but also serving lot of placement helps to students. Totally the bond between student and MNI is different from other institutions. Their service is always with care.

-Amala S

Everyone has a dream of being good or expert in some thing. I wanted to be network engineer and same dream made me to search that is how I found the best Institute in Bangalore that is Mohan\'s networking institute I have done 45 days course there. ANd I should be thankful to Mohan sir and Mam and all the lab assistants without their help and motivation I wouldn\'t have achieved this. It is the best Institute I ever found my lab practice sessions helped me in many ways for the exam preparation mainly built my confidence. I always practiced the questions I had doubts immediately on the real time devices. Due to covid 19 everything moved online. Thanks to MNI for giving recorded sessions and doubts clarification sessions online to boost up the confidence and stay connected with the subject. With the through knowledge built I got successes in clearing ccna exam. All credit goes to MNI who helped me and guided me in every step of preparation. Thank you so much for everything. And I took my exam from My home PC. Anyone who aim to take the exam can taket from where ever you are. You don\'t need to go to testing centers. Thanks to CISCO for facilitating this

-Vijaya Kumar Ayyappan

In the current Covid-19 situation, these online classes from Mohan\'s Institute was very helpful and knowledge bases training on real time routers and switches. Also getting the backup classes if required was a huge benefit and the staff is supporting in a great way to get the knowledge. Thank you Mohan\'s Institute once again and Mohan sir is awesome in explaining the things real life examples.
batch: CCNA(200-301)


Attended a very awesome and influential seminar on Emerging Advanced Networking Technologies and Cloud Computing by big guy Mr. Ezhil Buddhan (GM - Broadband Operations, BSNL, Bengluru) at Mohans Networking Institute, Bangalore, India.

-Amit Bhakay

I like the way of teaching by MOHAN sir... the best teacher anyone can ever get.

-Ajju Ilyas Mogral

I have had the good fortune of joining your institute while I was working for Dell in 2009. Owing to the knowledge I gained through the course for CCNA, I was able to get a better job @ Fidelity Business Services Pvt. Ltd. I have a colleague in my office named Somnath Kundu (8095896772) who has expressed interest in doing CCNA certification.

-Prashant Bhat